Part-Time Internet Business Start-Up Ideas (ESL teaching)


Starting your own part-time business on the internet means having a dependable source of income. ESL teaching is one of those startups.

ESL teaching means starting your website, where you or other users could give out their knowledge to students around the world. Sites such as Course Era, Udemy and Off2class are an example of ESL teaching.

In this article, I will be discussing some tips to strengthen your business and increase your student user base to a maximum.

Create your Website Route:


Tip 1 – Create your website

Creating your website and promoting it is a hectic task on its own. But you can use several affiliate programs on the web, that will promote your site. You can have a login authentication on your website, where users can sign in and register for courses. You must build an e-commerce payment method on your site, where users can pay directly. You must use an easy link that users can remember easily. It’s a hectic task. I would recommend hiring any freelance web developer and that would make things a lot easier for you. You might also need to hire graphic designers to make your site look clean. Graphic designers can help out with the website’s logos and any other user interface query.


Tip 2 – Use Discord or Skype

If you’re starting your website, you need to be able to communicate with your users, for that you must your discord. Discord works like WhatsApp. You can video call, chat and even send voice messages to other users. People can easily sign up for Discord on Another service that works the same is Skype, both are free and have many users around the world. These are the best places where you can interact with your students.


Tip 3 – Create Videos

Create Videos of all the lessons that you will teach your user. Then upload these videos to a specific page on your website. If someone registers on that course, he/she can watch the video and understand the lecture. He may ask questions on discord. Don’t forget to mention the discord link as well.


Tip 4 – Easy Payment Methods

Most users on the Interweb, use PayPal to pay for many services. You can use a payment link for your account on your website. You can also use third party sources such as Samcart, Stripe and Gum road.



Many students have lots of concerns when taking any courses, if you create a text document where you list all the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ) then students will not be reluctant to sign up for your courses. This will help them trust you, and when your providing services online, trust is the number one priority.


Tip 6 – Build a team

Build a team with more course instructors online, pay them what they deserve for the course. This way you will have more audience.

In conclusion, I think these are all the tips you need to do before starting your very own ESL teaching startup:

  1. Create an easy user-friendly website
  2. Have easy payment methods
  3. Have a Place where you can interact with students
  4. Have different courses for different audiences
  5. Create educational videos
  6. create a FAQ for newcomers

So, these points will help you to get your ESL teaching go in a right direction. Follow the above tips to enjoy its benefits.