How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Domain names are the real estate of the internet. Just as a good location is vital for real or on ground business, a good domain name is the corner stone for the success of a website. To help a business flourish always opt for a domain name that suggests the business type, has the capability to serve as a trade mark of the business and is easy for the customers to remember, find and use. That’s about everything in a nutshell! But we need to dig a bit deeper.

A strong domain name is the key to a successful internet business. So a business must find a domain name keeping in mind the convenience of the customer. Naturally, the domain name of the company should be well thought of.

Characteristics of a Good Domain Name

It should be easy to remember: – The domain name should be short and easy to remember. Not everyone is in the habit of book marking a page; instead people usually remember the names of their favorite websites.

Should be descriptive: – Having a descriptive domain name can give the visitors an idea of the type of website they are entering. It kind of leads them on. Many visitors come to a website via links and an informative name is always attractive enough to follow.

It should be short: – Short names always make up a good domain name. Though there is no bar for the number of characters , just remember that the shorter the name the better it sticks.

Easy to spell: – Don’t use domain names that are made up of complex spellings. A spelling mistake in the domain name can prove very costly to a site owner as it may take a potential customer to another site. You don’t want that!

It is brand driven: – A brand driven domain name always has an interesting combination of appealing visual effects and a nice pronunciation. But the branding exercise should be done very thoroughly keeping all factors in mind.

How to choose a good domain name?

Choose a domain name keeping in mind the characteristics of your brand and then bounce it against the above mentioned attributes. Does it give a good impression? Impression is crucial, so choose a domain name that comes without spaces and is attractive enough to get the attention of the visitor.

What’s next?

Once you have got a good domain name there is a little more work before you can sit back:

Select alternate names: You may not be able to register a domain name of your preference, so you must be ready with a second option.

Check with the registering authority about the availability of the various domain names you like.

Register various versions of your domain name. Register all the possible versions related to your preferred domain name. So much better to get the customers to your site.

Remember that a domain name is your virtual identity. Just the way some people take pride in stating the area or location they live in, website owners should choose domain names that can create the same effect in web space.